What's a Butter Punch?

~ Thank you so much for taking time to read our Butter Punches. As you know, Butter Punch blog is quite new. So, I (Jaky) just decided to tell you that it's not just a recipe blog. Of course, when I put the idea of creating a group blog before Rachana and Nandita, our thought were staunchly limited to recipes and only recipes. But, now, we think that we don't want Butter Punch to be just another blog that people visit only during recipe needs.

So, following that intuition, we'll now have a Butter Punch that's not just about recipes but about everything food and food culture.
We'll post recipes, our cooking disasters, funny kitchen experiences, wonderful places to eat in different cities we visit, the things we like the things we don't. Like, we won't limit this blog to recipes alone.
And you can contribute to Butter Punch too! Tell us how good (or bad) you cooked that day. Tell us your secret ingredients (and we'll keep them secret, huh!). We want you to enjoy Butter Punch as much as we've enjoyed creating it.
~ Do become a part. (And we'll also attribute your contributions with a link to your blog and your name.) Just email me your post and pictures, if any, and we'll work upon editing it to perfection before posting.

~ Sharing is Caring and recipes of Butter Punch always @ Happy Hours :)